Tour & Travel

Tour & Travel

Add value to your tour and travel business by implementing new and the most suitable technologies.


People in the Tour & Travel business know how the scenario has changed and how travelers are leaning on online travel service. The overall viewpoint of the travelers has changed; they are now more prone to book a tour right on the Internet in place of visiting their trusted local agent. But why this transformation?

Everything happens for a reason and here are some of the reasons.

Saves Time & Money

The thing a travel enthusiast hates most is the delay in planning a trip. In such a scenario, what can be more useful than an online Tour & Travel Planner or Guide? Alongside this, it saves money as well as the consultation fee usually demanded by the local travel agent.

More Expert & Reliable Service

In most of the leading Tour & Travel sites, real-time consultation is provided by the real people. That makes every tour plan more detailed and reliable.

Customer Review

In these sites, genuine customer reviews are available and visible to one and all, which makes it easier for the traveler to decide if he/she wants to proceed with that particular website or another with better customer reviews.

Multi-destination Holiday Plan

Planning a multi-destination tour is difficult for a local agent most of the time as they lack contacts. But in online service availability is easier and flexible.


There’s an old saying – You can’t judge a book by its cover. But for a business website that adage doesn’t hold true. No matter what but for your business website an impressive first look is important to strike your potential visitors. Most of the travel geek people form an instant judgment and usually give just a few moments for that first impression to be formed.

A Travel & Tour business website needs to be a Responsive website. A Responsive Website is designed in such a way that it is able to recognize the visitor’s device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or anything else), and alters required page configuration for best viewing with the best functionality.


To design a striking website, you need a professional service and DigitalWeb.Codes do it for you.

We design, we streamline, and we make it functional.

We design your business website with –

  • Professional Designs that can capture your visitors’ attention and lead them to the rich information available on your website.
  • Fresh, rich and readable contents including the major interest fields
  • Detailed and engaging write-ups on different destinations
  • More info on Attractions and To-Do Lists of every particular destination
  • Clear and comprehensive information on Service & Offers
  • High-quality photos, video, interactive maps that are most engaging while planning a tour or researching about it.

Presentable Website Design and comprehensible Content help your business in the Lead Generation Process.


When we design and Develop your Tour & Travel website, we concentrate on:

  • Portraying your business as a visual feast for better user experience (UX)
  • Maintaining simple and interactive design for better search engine functionality
  • Using the latest W3C code standards accurately to minimize the loading time
  • Affixing proper SEO elements for higher search engine traction
  • Developing an easily accessible navigation menu
  • Developing functional, easy to read content
  • Making the site easy editable
  • Linking your site to various Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc.
  • Making the cross-browser compatible website
  • Making flawless Responsive design to fit into any device