Hire Zend Developers

Hire Zend Developers

Hire Zend Developers for project, full-time, hourly, fixed, or monthly basis. With us, you will get an affordable price and a dedicated group of people serving all your digital marketing, and web development needs.

With DigitalWeb.codes you can get your services done with modern and top-notch technology.

Why Choose Zend?

1. Extensible

Zend has an open architecture based on Middleware following PHP standards.

2. Secure

Zend Framework has built with the best security practices. It stores passwords using encrypt with AES-256, and more.

3. Made for Business

Zend has a history of success running enterprise-critical and high-usage applications.

4. High Performance

Zend in Engineered with performance in mind, with every update they are better and faster.

5. Popularity and Support

Zend is renowned for its reliability and community support. A good community makes knowledge and efforts collaborative and hard to find resources.

6. Modern Standards

Zend framework uses Composer as a package manager; PHPUnit to test all units.

Zend Services

1. Application Development

Build your tailor-made Zend application with high security and scalability.

2. Cloud Solutions

Get unmatched site performance and uptime, which can drive positive outcomes for your business.

3. Zend E-commerce

Looking to create the best interface for your e-commerce portal? Get eCommerce sites with top, built-in features like cross-browser compatibility, data filtering, SEO friendly designs, and 3rd party integrations.

4. Automated Testing

Conducting periodical unit tests for the functioning of the application smoothly and automated testing for bug fixing and handling large amounts of traffic.

5. Service and maintenance

Maintaining and Supporting existing Zend application and new applications.