Hire CodeIgniter Developers

Hire CodeIgniter Developers

Hire CodeIgniter Developers for project, full-time, hourly, fixed, or monthly basis. With us, you will get an affordable price and a dedicated group of people serving all your digital marketing, and development needs.

With DigitalWeb.codes you can get your services done with modern and top-notch technology.

Why Choose CodeIgniter?


CodeIgniter is a very safe and secure framework with protection against XSS and CSRF attacks. The newer versions add context-sensitive escaping and CSP.

Easy to Customization

For Developers customization is very easy in CodeIgniter, you can very easily tweak existing libraries and develop new ones. You can use shortcakes in CodeIgniter, which makes it a very popular and most preferred PHP framework in the market.

MVC Architecture

Designing HTML code forms are easy in CodeIgniter’s MVC architecture, making a synchronized development process.

Less Time-Consuming

CodeIgniter requires shorter codes and this framework does not take a lot of time to install, configure or execute.


With over 57000 registered members on Ci’s forum, the solutions and recommendations are easy and quick.

Exceptional Performance

The Biggest advantage of CodeIgniter is that it is lightweight and performs much better than many of its type.

CodeIgniter Performance

CodeIgniter Application Development

Tailor-build application development solutions based on CodeIgniter helps our developers to create a secure, error-free, and scalable app.

CodeIgniter Website Development

With DigitalWeb.codes, you can get a CI framework based website, which is included with rich features, especially the ones for e-commerce.

Database Solutions

Create a customized database as per your business needs with CI’s support of popular databases like Oracle.


Relocation of applications from Python, RoR, or any PHP framework to CodeIgniter without any data or function loss.

Maintenance and Support

DigitalWeb.codes main focus is to provide you with applications that are running error-free and smooth so that you can focus on your business. We will look upon every maintenance aspect for you.


We provide you with a consultation so that you know the best way to leverage CodeIgniter into your business.